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Drake I.T. Services was established in 2006 by Julie Drake, Julie has been involved with computers since 1982 when she was introduced to the BBC 16kb at Countesthorpe College. In 1984 she started using the Commodore Pet at Southfields College whilst studying on Building Studies Foundation course.

Julie's first computer was a ZX Spectrum 48kb, not long after she had  Amstrads (Amstrad PCW 8256, and Amstrad PC 1512) then moved into the world of the first cloned PC's.

In approx 1989 Julie had her first proper personal computer with a DX/4 100mhz cpu, at the time this was the bees knees and cost a small fortune. It was around this time when she first went onto the Internet, an Internet very different  to that of today.

Since these early days she has taken various computer courses, continually updating her knowledge and expertise in the changing world of technology.

In 2000 she returned to college and university to study Visual Communication and started to help others with their computer problems.

In late 2005 Drake I.T. Services was taking shape, initially to provide computer support and graphic design services.

Julie is also a keen amateur photographer and takes many photos  with her mobile phones and SLR, she specialises in nature.  She also has a keen interest in growing flowers to photograph www.facebook.com/juliedrakesallotments/ and paint, yes she is also an artist working in various mediums www.juliedrakesart.co.uk Julie is very interested in Android communication devices and has experience of many phones.

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